Types of Radiotherapy - Stereotactic radiotherapy
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Types of Radiotherapy - Stereotactic radiotherapy

  • Monday, 13 April 2009 21:41
  • Last Updated Saturday, 22 January 2011 05:40

What is Stereotactic Radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is the use of X-rays to treat tumours. It works by damaging tumour cells in a way that may stop them from growing or cause them to die.

Stereotactic Radiotherapy is a very accurate way of giving X-ray treatment to small areas of the brain. It allows us to use very small beams of high energy X-rays to treat the tumour.

It also means that we can direct the radiotherapy very accurately so as to increase the chances of controlling your tumour whilst at the same time avoid giving treatment to healthy tissue. In this way we reduce the chance of possible side effects from the treatment.

More information to be added soon.


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