Questions to ask your doctor

Questions to ask your doctor

Pen and PaperThe following questions may help you gather information to consider your treatment options. Your healthcare team will be able to give you the needed information or sources to find it.

Questions Regarding Diagnosis

  1. What is the name of my tumour?

  2. Where is the tumour located?

  3. What functions are found in the area of the brain where this tumour is located?

  4. What type of treatment(s) do you recommend for this type of tumour?

  5. What are the potential benefits of the treatment(s)?

  6. What are the potential side effects and risks of treatment(s)?

  7. How quickly do we need to make a decision about treatment?

  8. If we would like a second opinion, whom would you recommend?

Questions Regarding Surgery

  1. What are the benefits in having surgery?

  2. How will this surgey be performed - what will you do?

  3. What are the risks regarding this surgery?

  4. Can you explain any potential complications following surgery?

  5. Can you predict how much of the tumour you will be able to remove?

  6. Approximately how long should this surgery take?

  7. What kind of anaesthesia will I have?

  8. How long is the usual recovery time?

  9. Approximately when will I be able to go home?

  10. What kind of follow-up should we anticipate?

Questions Regarding the Inoperable Tumour

  1. What makes my tumour inoperable?

  2. If surgery were attempted what would be my outlook for recovery?

  3. Since surgery is not an option, what other treatment can be started?

Questions Regarding Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

  1. What are the treatments and what do they entail?

  2. How will the treatments be given?

  3. What are the potential risks?

  4. What are the potential complications?

  5. What are the potential side effects?

  6. What can be done about these side effects?

  7. Where will these treatments take place?

  8. If chemotherapy, what schedule can we anticipate following?

  9. How long will each treatment take?

  10. How long will I be receiving these treatments?

  11. What side effects might we be looking for during treatment?

  12. Will I lose my hair as a result of this treatment?

  13. What kind of tests will I need to monitor the effects of these treatments?

Questions Regarding Medications

  1. What medications will I need to take during my treatment?

  2. What is the purpose of these medications?

  3. List the potential side effects of the medications.

  4. Will these medications be taken at home?

  5. Are these medications taken with or without food?

You might find the article 'Clinical oncologist Dr David Levy on the questions to ask' useful, you can read it here...

You can also download the NHS leaflet 'Questions to ask: getting the most out of your appointment' by clicking here PDF document. Adobe Acrobat required.

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