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altMy lovely dad was diagnosed with a GBM4 in November 2010. He had surgery to remove it, followed by radiotherapy and chemo (temozolomide). He was very fit and healthy prior to his diagnosis. His symptoms came on in the space of a week and mainly centred around language and speech problems, then losing his ability to do simple sums, or write words properly.

Following his surgery, he was fabulous. He made a swift recovery, and got on with his job as the best dad and grandad in the world. He will do anything for his kids and grandkids.

He has been very stoic and takes most things in his stride and he has coped well with his treatment.

After 19 months of tumour-free life (the 'normal' I begged for when he was first diagnosed) his latest scan, in July 2012, showed re-growth. He now embarks on another course of chemo (PCV) to beat that 'beast' again. Come on fatha, you can do it.


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