Living with a Brain Tumour

Living with a Brain Tumour

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"A Brain Tumour........"

This diagnosis causes a host of reactions, among them shock, fear and despair. It means a plunge into unfamiliar medical surroundings and a future full of uncertainties. It is an emotional time.

The panic and anxiety you feel is a natural response, affecting not only you but those close to you as well. Changes in daily routines and responsibilities are often required. Adjustment to these changes can be easier if everyone involved understands what is happening and has some idea of what to expect. Understanding helps you feel more comfortable and more in control.

As you begin to deal with your situation, it may help if you realise that others have found that some of the most difficult periods of time (those causing the greatest emotional stress) are:

  • From suspicion of illness to diagnosis
  • Immediately after completion of treatment
  • Having any repeat CT/ MRI scan, or follow up doctor visit.

In the sections below we provide you with information on how to cope following your diagnosis and offer useful information for patients, families, friends and caregivers on how to deal with some of the issues you may now be facing.


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