2 - 3 weeks prior to death
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2 - 3 weeks prior to death

  • Sunday, 08 November 2009 01:58


  • May begin to see weakness starting on the non-affected side
  • Affected hand may curl in or be kept close to the centre of the body
  • Legs begin to buckle, eventually leading to dead weight when attempting to stand
  • If still walking, may wander around the house a little, as if restless
  • May find it difficult to hold the head up straight or may slump over


  • Urine becomes dark (often described as "tea-coloured")
  • Less warning before urination (more urgency)


  • Less interest in matters of the home and family, hobbies, or world at large
  • Detached, without curiosity
  • Harder to have an effective adult-peer conversation
  • General restlessness/agitation
  • Word-finding difficulties (conversation may be very slow)
  • Confusion over what time of day it is (sundowners syndrome)
  • Speech may be slurring or trailing off, unfinished
  • May begin saying things that sound like awareness that time is growing short
  • May begin to seem more "childlike"
  • Confused by choices; yes/no questions seem to work best


  • Losing interest in transferring or leaving the house
  • Seems to feel safest on one particular piece of furniture
  • Begins to have problems swallowing, if not already
  • Appetite may become sporadic
  • May be sleeping 20+ hours a day, with short alert times between sleep
  • May doze back off after eating
  • May describe vision changes such as double vision, loss of peripheral vision, or black spots
  • No longer interested in activities that require close vision, such as reading

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