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TOPIC: Vaccine for Malignant Brain Tumours
AnoifPete (User)
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Vaccine for Malignant Brain Tumours 9 Years, 4 Months ago  
There are high grade brain tumour vaccine trials in Belgium, open to everyone including children, at the University of Leuven Hospital. Leuven is about 20 miles outside of Brussels.

Professor Van Gool is the man we had contact with. There are various research papers out there by the Leuven team including:

To be able to take part you need to have your tumour tissue frozen at time of surgery to minus 80c. (Hospitals doctors initially tell you they cannot do this, but if they check with their pathology labs it can usually be done).

You then go to Leuven where you have to have a leukapheresis to extract some dendritic cells from your blood

Then they create a vaccine from your Dendritic Cells and your Tumour Tissue. You then have a series of jabs with your own personalised vaccine.

The biggest issue for any patient wishing to do this is the tumour tissue. Most patients only find out about this after their surgery, as that is when the pathology diagnosis of tumour type is given, and by then it is too late to get tumour tissue. However for those who have a biopsy first this is a good option, or those who need a second surgery.

The trial treatment costs are free, but you have to pay for some tests and a consultation. And of course your travel and accommodation costs.

The hospital is big, modern, clean, very well organised, and all the staff we met were very helpful, and friendly.

We found the Leuven trials after doing a lot of research on vaccine trials in the USA, like DC-Vax Brain, CDX-110, and ICT-107. When reading the research papers for these trials we found references to papers from the team in Leuven. The Leuven vaccine is less commercialised and not in USA therefore gets less press coverage.

There is a YouTube video, but it is very general and long and intended for fund raising in the USA:

Hope this is of use to some BT warriors and families out there

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dogzero (User)
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Re:Vaccine for Malignant Brain Tumours 8 Years, 8 Months ago  
Not that I'm in a position to go for any of these right now, but I'm curious - what happens to the material that a surgeon removes in the normal course of events?

I was at Oxford Radcliffe Hospital for my op and remember signing the consent forms to say that they could use anything they found for research - does that mean they've taken care of it and that the material is, potentially, available if it was required for me to gain access to any trials in the future?

AJ (in Bristol.)
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